The Governing Body has responsibility for the strategic development of the school in the areas of finance, curriculum, health and safety, premises, welfare and discipline, staffing, school meals and inclusion. As a corporate body, working with school staff, governors have an overview of policy for the school in each of these areas.

All governors are appointed or elected for a term of office of 4 years.

Governing Body Composition List

Name Appointed by & (Governor Type) Status Date of appointment /(resignation) Attendance at Full Governors' meetings last year
Carole Desfrancois Members (Community) Chair 13/11/2015
4 of 4
Joe de Hoop Members (Community) Vice Chair 27/06/2016
2 of 4
Nicole Galea
Non-voting Clerk

4 of 4

Tanya Watson
Members (Staff)
4 of 4
Jason Rowe Members (Staff) Standard 17/09/2019 0 of 0
Dorothea Avery Members (Community)  Standard 24/06/2019
4 of 4
Alistair Cormack Members (Community) Standard 07/03/2017
3 of 4

Alex Robson Members (Community) Standard 10/03/2018
1 of 4
Julia Marlow Members (Community) Standard 06/03/2018
4 of 4
Constance d'Achon Parent Standard 17/10/2018 2 of 3
Catherine Fentem Parent Standard 17/10/2018 3 of 3
Olivia Ayers Members (Staff) Standard 13/09/2015 
4 of 4
Fiona Bembridge Members (Community) Vice Chair 13/09/2015 (24/06/2019) 1 of 4
Anna Nicol Members (Staff) Standard 16/03/2015  (15/03/2019) 2 of 3

Committee Memberships

Committee  Current Committee members 
Joe de Hoop (chair) 
Carole Desfrancois
Catherine Fentem
Tanya Watson
Personnel Julia Marlow (chair)
Dorothea Avery
Alex Robson
Tanya Watson
Premises Constance d'Achon (chair)
Julia Marlow
Alex Robson
Tanya Watson
Curriculum and Standards
Alistair Cormack (chair)
Dorothea Avery
Jason Rowe
Tanya Watson