Reception Summer Term Curriculum

Dragon Class: Tanya TwiggBeth Frost, Stephanie Bassett


Wizard Class:   Fiona Rees, Susan Daniel, Lydia Price

Reception Summer Term Curriculum

Our topic this term is Water.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

This term we will continue to work together, respecting each other’s needs and considering the consequences of our actions as well as remembering to look after our learning environment and everything in it. We will be thinking about what we have learned and enjoyed this year and prepare the children for their transition to Year 1. There will be a continued focus on developing independence.

Communication, Language and Literacy

This term we will continue with our daily phonics sessions, focussing on digraphs and sentences that use the key Reception words. In handwriting sessions there will be a focus on learning correct letter forming in the family groups of letters that are formed in a similar way. We will re-tell familiar stories, sequence key events and practise using story language. We will look at non-fiction texts related to our topic and the children will write factual sentences about water animals. The children will also be given opportunities to read and write instructions. After Easter we will begin group reading sessions with a focus on talking about the books they read.


This term we will continue to focus on number awareness and practise adding and subtracting skills in everyday contexts. The children will be encouraged to find all the possible ways to make one number. We will start to write addition and subtraction number sentences using symbols. Through sorting and construction activities the children will learn about the properties of 3D shapes. They will also begin to explore the concept of equal amounts. We will sequence every day events and use language related to time. We will use classroom objects to compare weight and through water play compare the capacity of containers.

Understanding the World

Through our topic the children will think about where we get water from and all the many ways that we use water. We will compare different water environments with a focus on the sea and ponds. We will carry out simple investigations to look at melting, freezing, floating and sinking. We will also experiment with mixing substances in water and encourage children to observe changes. We will learn facts about sea creatures and visit London Zoo to observe water animals.

Physical Development

We will be going outside as much as possible, developing the children’s skills of throwing and catching using a variety of equipment like balls, bean bags, hoops, rackets and skipping ropes. Our PE focus in the hall will be dance and movement which we will link to the topic of water. We will also prepare the children for Sports Day and learn to play relay games on the pitch. Within the classroom we will continue to encourage children to develop their fine motor skills through cutting, sticking, fastening, writing, drawing and painting.

Expressive Arts

The children will continue their weekly music session with our specialist teacher and attend singing assembly. We will learn songs related to our topic and provide opportunities to explore a range of percussion instruments. The classroom activities will provide opportunities to create collage, explore printing and develop observational drawings. There will be a focus on adding layers to a piece of artwork and developing detail through stages.

Some of the artwork will be selected to display in the end of term Art Exhibition which parents are invited to.