Senior Leadership Team
Head Teacher Tanya Watson
Deputy Head Teacher Claire Oliver
Assistant Head Teacher Olivia Ayers
Assistant Head Teacher Bea Mayer
Assistant Head Teacher Sophie Gavalda
Senior Management Team (incorporating SLT above)
School Business Managers Eileen O'Dwyer & Claire Davies 
English Lead Rachel Stapleton
Maths Lead Nicola Stone
Pastoral Lead Corinne  Atsu -Valentine
Subject and Phase Leaders
 English Rachel Stapleton
 Maths Nicola Stone
 Science Alana Doyle
 Physical Education (PE) Jessie Brookes
 Humanities (History, Geography and Religious Education) Daisy Hawker
 Art and Design Mel Lawrence 
 Music Michael Twomey
 SEND Lead Olivia Ayers
 Early Years Lead Fiona Rees and Tanya Twigg
Teaching Staff
Class Class name Teachers and Teaching Assistants
Nursery FAIRY Natalie Cook, Christine McKenzie-Kissoon  & Billie Welch
Reception  DRAGON Tanya Twigg with Beth Frost and Stephanie Bassett
Reception  WIZARD Fiona Rees with Susan Daniel and Lydia Price
Year 1  ELF Orla Hogan  and Tracie Lucraft
Year 1 PIXIE Daisy Hawker and Nancy Bury  
Year 2 UNICORN Nicola Stone and Elvira Cela
Year 2 PEGASUS Emma Thomson and Jane Gallagher
Year 3 PHOENIX Jessie Brookes and cover TA
Year 3 LEPRECHAUN Niamh McAnulty and cover TA 
Year 4 GHILLIE DHU Lily Dawson and Ida Christopher 
Year 4 YETI Kati Botykai, Elly Boyd and Vanessa McMillan  
Year 5  SPHINX Rachel Stapleton and Debbie Stringer
Year 5 GRIFFIN Alana Doyle and Tina McKevitt
Year 6 KELPIE Shona Marshall  and Blenda Zotha
Year 6 SELKIE Mel Lawrence and Martina Armitt 
Reading Recovery: Peggy Ashton and Liz Campbell
Speech and Language Support: Kelly Grim
Additional Teaching Assistant support: Josie Hallett
Librarian: Alicen Targett
Music Teachers
Michael Twomey class teacher
Vahan Salorian brass
Abigail Heath flute
Laura Isaacson cello
Matthew Holborn violin
Dominic Pusey clarinet
Lydia Goswell Year 3 recorders and groups
Support Staff
School Business Manager Eileen O'Dwyer & Claire Davies
Senior Administrative Officer Penny El-Nemer
Administrative Assistant/OSHL/ Senior Midday Supervisor Tina Gabriel
Premises Manager   Jason Rowe
Midday Supervisors: Tina Gabriel, Jennifer Wright, Sunita Kaur, Fatuma Abdulrazak, Elvira Cela, Nancy Bury, Billie Welch, Kerry Rowe, Lydia Price, Tracie Lucraft, Christine McKenzie, Tina McKevitt, Debbie Stringer, Vanessa McMillan, Martina Armitt, Jennifer Appleton, Robyn Stringer, Michelle McKeon, Yasemin Turan, Joanne Woollard and Stela Beta.