Year 1

Summer Term 2019

Pixie Class – Daisy, Nancy and Yasemin

Elf Class – Orla, Tracie, Kerry and Alicen

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In Literacy we will be reading the books of Eric Carle, learning the stories, acting them out, rewriting and changing them. We will continue our Daily Supported reading sessions.  Our non -fiction focus will be writing reports, instructions and recounts of events. We will be continuing with our daily phonics sessions, revising and introducing more tricky sounds, such as ‘ew, ue’. We will continue to develop our writing skills using capital letters and full stops and introduce more complex punctuation marks, such as question marks and exclamation marks.  We will also look at the progressive tense-adding ing and pluralisation of words.

In Maths, children will be consolidating their understanding of place value, addition and subtraction using a variety of concrete and pictorial representations. We will be continuing multiplication and starting division with an emphasis on the x2, x5, and x10 tables.  We will introduce the value of different coins linking them to real life word problems.  Children will develop their understanding of fractions by exploring halves of shapes and quantities. 

In Science our topic is ‘Butterflies and plant life cycles’. We will have an opportunity to grow our very own butterflies and watch how they develop through the four stages of their lifecycle. We will be reading the story ‘Butterflies for Kiri’ by Cathryn Falwell and make our own origami butterflies. We will be visiting Golders Hill Park to do a workshop on the Secret Life of Butterflies.

In ICT children will continue to use the Ipads to develop their skills in coding.  They will also have opportunities to use the Ipads for investigations linked to different areas of the curriculum.

In PE we will be working on an introduction to team games on the pitch.  Children will develop their ball skills through a variety of team sports such as, tennis and football.  We will also be preparing for Sports Day!

In Music we will continue with weekly music lessons and singing assemblies with Music specialist Michael.

In History our topic will be ‘Homes Past and Present’. We will be exploring what materials are used in the home and how and why homes have changed. We hope to step back in time and visit the fabulous 18 Stafford Terrace in Holland Park.

For PSHCE we will continue to use circle times to discuss any problems that may arise. We will be looking at how the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child link with the Global Goals. We will continue our daily journeys with mindfulness. We will be having a particular focus on Silly Billy by Anthony Browne, discussing how we can deal with things we worry about and making our own worry dolls.

In Art we will be using the book Mixed: A World of Colour and Mouse Paint to explore colour mixing. We will be working with the Little Angel Puppet Theatre to make and perform a puppet show.

Our Enabling Enterprise project this term is called 'Doing Good'. We will be creating a fundraising event to raise money for a charity of our choice. The skills we will be focusing on this term are Leading and Problem Solving.


Sea Turtle - Monday and Wednesday (outdoor-trainers are required)

Tortoise - Monday and Thursday (outdoor-trainers are required)