Year 2

 Summer Term 2019

Teacher and Teaching Assistant: Nicola and Elvira (Unicorn Class)

Teacher and Teaching Assistant: Emma and Jane (Pegasus Class)

In English, children will be developing their inference skills when reading more complex texts.  They will continue to develop their understanding of the link between reading and writing by developing their written comprehension skills; in particular, they will be exploring vocabulary found within texts and using this to improve their own writing.  Children will consolidate their understanding of writing for a range of purposes by engaging with a variety of activities in response to stories.  This will include learning a story off by heart using Pie Corbett actions, as a basis for creating their own narratives.  They will also learn about the story of Persephone as a part of narrative work based on the Green Myths. They will continue to practise the skills in spelling, punctuation and grammar learnt so far this year.  They will also develop their debating skills, discussing this term’s motion: ‘Were the Romans wrong to invade the Celtic Britain?’
How to help at home with English:
o   Read with your child daily
o   Provide meaningful writing opportunities; for example:  invitations, cards, shopping lists etc.
o   Practise the spellings sent home weekly and encourage your child to use these in context.
In Maths, children will be consolidating their skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions.  They will continue to use a variety of concrete, pictorial and abstract representations to support their learning.  They will also explore these number concepts in relation to shape and measure in order to make links between areas of mathematical understanding.
How to help at home with maths: 
o   Practise counting daily; for example: number facts to 20, 10 more and 10 less than a number, 2,3,5 and 10 times tables
o   Encourage your child to play maths games found on such as Toy Shop Money Game, Number Fact Families, Hit the Button
o   Encourage your children to play DoodleMaths, using the login details given out at the start of term.
In Science, children will continue to learn about the life cycle of plants.  This will include developing their understanding of the parts of a plant and the importance of plants in supporting human life.  They will also learn about the human life cycle, linked to our SRE curriculum.
In Geography, children will consolidate their knowledge of the names of cities, countries and continents.
In History, children will learn about the Roman invasion of Britain.  They will learn about settlements, traditions, clothing and the different roles played by ordinary people during this period of history.
In Art and Design, children will use different media to create art work based on the Celts, Romans and on our Australia topic.
How to help at home with Science, Art and Humanities:
o   Use the optional homework menu to complete activities linked to our topics
o   Take your child to museums, art galleries etc., so that they have meaningful experiences as a reference point for learning.
The children will continue weekly Music lessons with Michael.
In P.S.H.C.E., children will be following the SRE curriculum to reinforce their learning in science.  This will include: introducing the concept of males and females; looking at male and female differences and how this is part of the life cycle; identifying male and female body parts. We will continue to discuss the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child. In particular we will be focusing on how the Global Goals relate to the UNCRC and will be discussing how we contribute to sustainable living through the choices we make.
In Computing, children will continue to build on their skills in Coding to create more complex algorithms.
In P.E., children will be developing their skills in Rounders as a part of team.  In dance, children will be working on varying the direction, level and dynamics of movements, and will work in groups to choreograph short sequences of dance.
The Enabling Enterprise skills we will be focusing on this term are leading and problem solving.
If you have any further questions, please come and speak to a member of the Year 2 Team.
Nicola, Emma, Elvira and Jane
Unicorn and Pegasus – Monday (indoor) and Friday (outdoor)
Please note that trainers are required on both days.
Please make sure your child brings a PE kit on their PE days.


Click here to see suggested homework activities that you might like to do with your child. if you choose to do them, they will be celebrated in class, but will not be marked.