Year 4

Year 4 2019-20

Monkey Puzzle


Class Teacher: Lily Dawson
Class Teacher: Jessie Brookes

Teaching Assistants: Ida Christopher, Vanessa McMillan and Sian Ayonoadu

PE - Monkey Puzzle Class has PE on Wednesdays (outside) and Fridays (inside). Acacia Class has PE on Mondays (inside) and Wednesdays (outside). Please make sure that your child has the appropriate change of clothes for these lessons; this should include a change of t-shirt, running shoes, a pair of socks and trousers/ shorts appropriate to the weather.

Take a look at our curriculum map to show the topics covered in Year 4. If you would like more information about the learning in Year 4, please contact Bea or Sophie and we will be happy to share more detail with you.


Year 4 Homework Activities

Here are some ideas of activities that you might like to do at home to support your learning at school. You can choose to bring them in or not as you like, but although they may be celebrated and shared within the class they will not be marked.

Read the Curriculum Map for Year 4.
Write a story or poem about anything you like.
Make a poster on Monkey Puzzle or Acacia trees.
Make a presentation about your class author/ topic from school/ science or anything you like.
Write/draw a character description from a book you have enjoyed.
Write a film/book review.
Write a day in the life of a Tudor king or queen.
Find shapes in the local area and discuss their properties. Can you find a square/pentagon/hexagon/trapezium? How many sides does it have? Does it have any right angles?
Add/subtract 10, 100, 1 000 from local bus numbers – 271 add/subtract 10.
Can you count above/below the next 100/1 000/ 10 000?
Go shopping. Buy 2 things and work out how much they will cost altogether. Do you have enough money? How much more do you need? Will you get any change? How much change will you get?
Learn your 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 8x, 9x 10x, and 12x tables. Count in 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 8s, 9s, 10s and 12s. Can you find the link between 3x, 6x and 12s? Watch times tables songs on youtube. Can you answer multiplication and division questions out of sequence?
Look at the Calculation Policy to see what you need to know for your year group.
Roll 3 dice and make the biggest or smallest number either by adding, subtracting multiplying or just using the place value (1s, 10s or 100s column).
Play Snakes and Ladders, Monopoly, Pop to the Shops, Nubble or any other board game with a dice.

Log into Times Tables Rockstars - ask your teacher for your login.