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The Family and Staff Association (F&SA) has supported William Tyndale Primary School for the past 25 years, helping to enhance our children’s education experience and the school’s facilities through our fundraising efforts, bringing our school community together.

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The F&SA can help parents/carers to:

  • improve the school's facilities, community spirit and partnership with parents,
  • socialise and get to know each other whilst taking part in a range of activities,
  • find out more about how the school works, developing effective partnerships with the teaching and non-teaching staff,
  • fundraise for extra items or services to enrich the children's education; and
  • increase their own knowledge and skills.

The F&SA can help our children:

  • receive a richer education as a result of items bought by the F&SA,
  • benefit from parents' increased understanding of the school,
  • socialise by taking part in fundraising events and activities; and
  • understand the importance of giving.

The F&SA can help the school:

  • reach potential volunteers and enthusiasts who may help with school projects and
  • enhance the profile and awareness of the school within the local community.

If you would like to find out more information about the F&SA, join the committee or have ideas you would like to share, please contact us at

If you would like to make a donation to the F&SA, you can do so by visiting:

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You can find out more about our work, and how to get involved via the documents and links.