Our goal for Art and Design education is that children are able to use their creativity to interpret and respond to the world around them, developing:

- proficiency with art and design skills and techniques;

- understanding of the history of art and design; and 

- the ability to use their skills and imagination to create and express themselves through art and design.

Art Curriculum Overview 2021 - 2022

Art Knowledge and Skills Progression 2021 - 2022

We believe in building creativity and ensure that we make links across the curriculum whilst developing knowledge of artists and art techniques in a variety of disciplines, including drawing, sculpture and digital media, among others.

We have a clear skills progression which encourages children to develop new techniques each year. This has been carefully plotted across the school to ensure all children experience a wide range of media and build on the previous learning. 

Art Room

We are fortunate to have a dedicated room for art which encourages children to develop their creativity in a separate space. We are well resourced to allow children to experience a range of media, including printing, different types of paint, clay and other materials for sculpture.

Art Projects

We currently work in partnership with a number of different art and art support organisations. We have completed a number of whole school art projects with Stamped Arts, including the 'stairwell timeline' project, the 'traditional tales and poetry' project and, most recently, the 'movement' project.

We are now working with Stamped Arts to create artwork, with a scientific focus, for the outside environment. 


For questions about the provision of Art at William Tyndale, please contact the subject leader, Orla Hogan, via parentmessages@williamtyndale.islington.sch.uk