An exceptional education for all

REACH for your future (Respect, Enterprise, Ambition, Confidence, Happiness)

At William Tyndale Primary School we create an attractive, stimulating, and safe learning environment, designed to realise every child’s potential.

We value and celebrate the diversity of our children’s backgrounds; through working together and including all stakeholders in our school community – pupils, staff, parents, carers, governors, visitors and volunteers – we value one another, treat each other with care and respect, enjoy friendship and celebrate everyone’s successes and achievements.

We prepare children to take academic and social responsibility for developing positive behaviour, alongside independent learning skills, in order to be well-equipped for their futures.

We value a broad and creative curriculum which presents opportunities, developing enthusiastic and confident children, who enjoy and are inspired by their learning;

We value the importance of each child’s starting point, challenging children at all levels of ability to succeed, to strive for excellence and to achieve the highest standards of which they are capable, in all their learning.

The impact of the performing and visual arts and sport on children’s experiences and successes complements academic study and we value regular access in these areas.

We believe that our school is a learning community for everyone – children, teachers, parents, carers, volunteers, visitors and governors. To that end, we encourage collaboration and open communication between home, school and the wider community for the good of all children.

We also value the importance of continuous professional development opportunities for all staff, enabling them to do their best for our children.

As a Gold Rights Respecting School, we are committed to the UNCRC Articles, which support our Vision and Values above.