English Curriculum for Key Stage 1 and 2

At William Tyndale we reinforce the strong links between reading, communication and writing in our approach to teaching English. We use the ethos of ‘talk for writing’ in our English lessons to ensure children have plenty of time for discussion to develop and enhance their reading and writing skills.

We promote an enjoyment for reading through regular opportunities to read, choosing books from the school library and creating inspiring book corners. A section of each classroom is dedicated to reading and has been transformed into a magical setting, enthusing children to get lost in a book. Year groups carry out weekly writing workshops (a carousel of exciting writing activities) linked to learning across the curriculum, as well as daily English lessons.

Debating and Current Affairs

Debating runs throughout our English curriculum and we use a range of ‘Debate Mate’ games and resources to encourage and enable children to debate and discuss a range of issues. Every year group has set mid-termly motions, linked to curriculum learning, which they will deliberate over throughout each half term. In years 5 and 6 we have a focus on developing current affairs and critical thinking through ‘Burnet News’ sessions.


Children in KS2 learn Latin through ‘The Latin Programme’ which has a strong focus on the grammatical aspects of language. This helps to broaden children’s vocabulary whilst deepening their understanding of English grammar.

Poetry Recitals and Read Aloud Competitions

We hold termly poetry recitals and read aloud competitions motivating children to engage with and memorise fiction texts, as well as the opportunity to perform these with expression, demonstrating their own interpretation.