At William Tyndale School, our goal for Physical Education is that children are inspired to lead active, healthy lives by developing:
  • physical literacy skills across a broad range of sports and activities;
  • an understanding of the body, its capabilities and the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle; and
  • sportsmanship, engagement and enjoyment in competitive sports.
In EYFS and Key Stage 1, our curriculum focuses on the development of the Fundamental Movement Skills: Locomotor Skills (travelling and jumping), Stability Skills (balancing and landing) and Manipulative Skills (throwing, catching, kicking, striking). These skills are taught through a variety of units including Dance, Yoga, Gymnastics, Athletics, Team Games and Ball Skills.
In Key Stage 2, the children build on the Fundamental Movement Skills through a variety of sports units, including Movement (Dance and Gymnastics); Athletics; Striking and Fielding games (Cricket and Rounders); Invasion Games (Football, Netball, Basketball, Tag Rugby, Handball and Hockey); Net and Wall Games (Tennis and Volleyball).  The children learn to use their Fundamental Movement Skills is these contexts as well as learning strategic, creative and competitive skills specific to each sport. In Year 4, the children take part in a fortnight of intensive swimming lessons. Throughout Key Stage 2 the children have a number of opportunities to work with professional coaches, including an African Dance unit in Year 4 and a Street Dance unit in Year 6 in preparation for their end of year show.
Our School Games calendar provides all children in Key Stage 1 and 2 with the opportunity to participate in competitive sport in the form of end of unit tournaments with parallel classes. Further to curriculum-based competitions our children also have the opportunity to take part in a variety of inter-school competitions and events against other Islington schools.
At William Tyndale we are committed to encouraging our children to lead healthy, active lives, which we promote through our extensive extracurricular programme. We have before- and after-school clubs including Football, Hockey, Netball, Street Dance, Gymnastics and Ballet, as well as lunchtime Yoga and Bench-ball clubs for targeted children. We also have a variety of activities occurring daily in the school playground, including a trained sports coach on our sports pitch during lunchtimes, climbing frames for all age groups, lunchtime supervisors running games for Key Stage 1 and a Playground Leader programme in which our Upper Key Stage 2 children lead active games for younger children during play times.  
Please have a look here for the whole school overview for PE. Go to the individual year group curriculum map to see the particular skills that are focused on each half term.