Our goal for Skills Builder is that children develop, apply and transfer the essential skills, in any given context, by:

  • practising and building the skills so that they have a high level of competency;
  • having opportunities to make links with further education and the world of work; and
  • valuing the essential skills across the school's curriculum.

We are proud to announce that we have achieved the Skills Builder GOLD Award!

We focus on building essential skills to enable lifelong success so that one day, all students are equipped with the skills, experiences and aspirations to succeed.” Skills Builder.

One of our main foci is to prepare our pupils beyond the realm of primary school, opening up opportunities beyond their current life experiences.  We do this through our Enterprise Curriculum which brings the world of work into the classroom and provides opportunities to visit an array of employers and have insight to a range of careers.

We are a partner school with Skills Builder, an award-winning not-for-profit organisation whose programme we follow as part of our developing enterprise curriculum. Each year group runs an enterprise project, such as creating and inaugurating an art gallery in Year 1 and setting up a graphic design company in Year 4. 

William Tyndale 2023 - 2024

Skill of the Month
September Listening
October Speaking
November Teamwork
December Global Goal
January Problem Solving
February Staying Positive
March Creativity
April Global Goal
May Aiming High
June Leadership
July Global Goal

We have 6 new businesses that have welcomed children into their work place since September 2016 and we continue to develop links with businesses in London. We know both from research and our own experience how beneficial visits are in terms of introducing the idea of work and differing vocations to children. If you would like to support the school's enterprise curriculum, please do get in touch. 

We are a partner school with the Little Angel Theatre, Islington and the Geffrye Museum, Southwark. 

Examples of Business Trips and workshops

  • Year 6 to UBS (27th September)
  • Year 6 to Timebased (13th/18th October)
  • Year 2 Hoot Loot Project launched (14th October - ongoing)
  • Year 4 to Wagamama (18th/19th October)
  • Year 4 to DNVGL (8th November)
  • Year 4 to UEL (16th November)
  • Year 5 to Societe Generale (3rd November)
  • Police Officer Careers Talk for Year 6 (16th November)
  • Police Officer Careers Talk for Year 5 (23rd November)
  • UCL Lecturer Careers Talk for Year 6 (24th November)
  • Year 5 to Multiplex, Oxford Circus (30th November)