Design and Technology

Our goal for Design Technology education is for children to become resourceful, innovative, enterprising and capable citizens, developing their:

  • knowledge and skills to design, make and evaluate high-quality prototypes and products;
  • knowledge and understanding of newly emerging and rapidly developing technologies; and
  • an understanding of nutrition and learning how to cook.

Design and Technology enables children to bring their ideas and designs to life using their skills of creativity, problem solving and teamwork. Our rich curriculum allows children to gain an insight into how the world is changing and developing around them and the impact design and technology has on our environment. Children are taught how design and technology has shaped our world today.

The children at William Tyndale Primary School complete one large DT project each year with links to various areas of the curriculum such as science, art, mathematics and technology. They develop skills in product research, making, testing, designing and evaluating products. Food Technology is also incorporated into the DT curriculum and children are given opportunities from Reception up to Year 6 to cook healthy and nutritious food and learn about the importance of healthy eating and a balanced diet. Our purpose-built kitchen in Kids’ Club allows for children to have a dedicated space where these lessons can be carried out efficiently.

Here at William Tyndale Primary School, we believe it is important that children use the correct vocabulary of Design and Technology from the beginning. We also ensure there is a clear progression of Design and Technology skills from Reception to Year 6 (see progression of skills document) where children are taught to design, make, evaluate and apply their technological knowledge. Through many workshops/projects/visitor talks and our Skills Builder partnership we ensure children are knowledgeable about the career paths available for their futures.

For questions about the provision of Design Technology at William Tyndale, please contact the subject leader, Orla Hogan, via

DT Curriculum Overview and Knowledge and Skills Progression

Food Technology Knowledge and Skills Progression 2022 2023