Senior Leadership Team
Head Teacher Tanya Watson
Deputy Head Teacher Claire Oliver
Assistant Head Teacher Olivia Ayers
Assistant Head Teacher Bea Mayer 
Assistant Head Teacher Sophie Gavalda
Senior Management Team (incorporating SLT above)
Pastoral Lead and Designated Safeguarding Lead Corinne  Atsu -Valentine
School Business Manager Claire Davies 
School Office Manager Penny El-Nemer
Subject and Phase Leaders
 English Michelle Georgeson
 Maths Bea Mayer
 Science Louise Condon
 Physical Education (PE) Jessie Brookes
 PSHE Niamh McAnulty
 Humanities (History, Geography and Religious Education) Daisy Hawker-Diarra
 Art and Design Orla Hogan
 Music Danielle Looker
 SEND Lead Olivia Ayers
IT and Remote Learning Lead Toni Wilson
Teaching Staff
Year Group Class name Teachers and Teaching Assistants
Nursery Bluebell Tanya Twigg, Nuala Alexander, Billie Sanderson, Aysun Karadag and Rukshana Begum
Reception  Sunflower Fiona Rees, Nuala Alexander, Lydia Price, Angeliki Liakopoulou ,Jo Woollard and Rupa Ghosh
Reception  Daffodil Katya Simpson, Stephanie Bassett  and Stela Beta
Year 1  Fuchsia Michelle Georgeson  Nancy Bury, Eve Gammack and Amal Hersi
Year 1 Aster Orla Hogan and Prabhuta Raval 
Year 2 Honesty Daisy Diarra, Elvira Cela and Levon Gray
Year 2 Peony Natalie Cook and Tracie Lucraft 
Year 3 Buttercup Louise Condon,  Robyn Stringer and Hayleigh Pain
Year 3 Lavender Kati Botykai, Martina Armitt and Lisa Follett 
Year 4 Leilani Jeremiah Fox, Vanessa McMillan and Jorja Jeffery
Year 4 Orchid Marianne Laming, Vanessa McMillan, Kerry Rowe 
Year 5 Udumbara Lily Dawson, Ida Christopher and Jaykey Session
Year 5 Shamrock Niamh McAnulty, Ida Christopher, Zach Stroman and Elise Joseph
Year 6 Aconite Jessie Brookes, Debbie Stringer and Jenny Appleton
Year 6 Nightshade Toni Wilson, Debbie Stringer and Jenny Appleton
Reading Recovery: Peggy Ashton and Mary Ardern
Speech and Language Support: Kelly Grim
Learning Mentor and Librarian: Alicen Targett
Music Teachers
Danielle Looker Music Teacher
Vahan Salorian Brass
Vahan Salorian and Dominic Pusey Flute
Rosie Spinks Cello
Matthew Holborn Violin
Dominic Pusey Clarinet
Zack Woolfson Guitar
Dominic Pusey Year 3 Recorders 
Support Staff
Administrative Assistant/OSHL Tina Gabriel
Premises Manager   Jason Rowe
Midday Supervisors:   Sunita Kaur, Fatuma Abdulrazak, Elvira Cela, Nancy Bury, Billie Sanderson, Kerry Rowe, Lydia Price, Tracie Lucraft, Debbie Stringer, Vanessa McMillan, Martina Armitt, Jennifer Appleton, Robyn Stringer,  Joanne Woollard,  Prabhuta Raval, Stela Beta, Terrie Tsui, Lisa Follett, Hayleigh Pain, Jaykey Session, Amina Yahya and Aysel Dedevelioglu