Our Kids’ Club building is used for ‘Breakfast Club’ and after school ‘Kids’ Club’ during term time. 

This means that we are able to offer parents and carers wrap around care for children who attend William Tyndale School from 8am to 6pm. 


Children from Nursery to Year Six can attend Kids’ Club. Ofsted has regulations in place for children who are under eight years of age. In Autumn 2006 we successfully passed an inspection on these regulations.  

Number limits:

The staffing ratio is 1:8 for children below 8 years of age. We therefore try to ensure that no more than 32 under 8s attend any one session. This is rarely the case and if it does happen, we bring in more staff for the session and/or put a stop on the emergency list. Ratios for children above the age of 8 are not specified by Ofsted. We, however, ensure that there are adequate members of staff to care for the needs of the number of children present.  


Breakfast Club runs from 8am until 8:50am. Kids’ Club runs from 3:30pm until 6pm.  


It is extremely important that children are collected from Kids’ Club by 6pm. A fine is issued to any parent who is late collecting their child and if this happens 3 times the child will no longer be permitted to attend Kids’ Club.

Healthy food:

The food and snacks offered vary. Inspectors were incredibly impressed by the range and quality of food available at Breakfast Club. This view has been supported in recent Ofsted reports.    

Planning and activities:

Staff at Kids’ Club plan activities for attending children. This planning is displayed weekly on the notice board in the Kids’ Club foyer area. The activities are subject to change depending on the weather or the popularity of the activity.  


The atmosphere in Kids’ Club is relaxed and less formal than the classroom. Children, however, are still expected to comply with the school’s golden rules and staff will follow the school’s behaviour policy. If a member of staff has had an issue with your child’s behaviour during a Kids’ Club session they will let you know when you collect them. However, as Ofsted reported, ‘The good deployment of staff and ensuring children are engaged in play is reflected in the children’s positive behaviour.  

Booking children into Kids’ Club (3:30 – 6pm) or Breakfast Club (from 8).

Emergency List: 

If you do not know until the day that you wish your child to attend Kids’ Club that afternoon then their name can be put on the emergency list if it is not already full. To do this please call the school office by 3 pm or Kids’ Club direct on 07398 006395.  

Cancelling Bookings:

If your child is booked into Kids’ Club and your circumstances change so that you are able to collect them at 3:30 please let Kids’ Club staff know. If your child is booked in but they do not show up one member of staff goes to search for them. This can be a lengthy process, taking staff away from providing care at Kids’ Club. If you do not let Kids’ Club staff know about a cancellation there will still be a charge.  


On the table by the door, you will see large crates which children use to keep their bags and belongings safely until they are collected. Every effort is made to ensure that letters given out in class find their way home. Do check your child’s bags as staff may put letters straight into them, particularly for younger children. If your child is attending Kids’ Club or Breakfast Club and you would like to get a message to a class teacher or member of the Senior Management Team please call the school office on 0207 226 6803. The school office is open from 8am to 4pm.  


Breakfast Club and Kids’ Club are both registered with Ofsted under the name ‘Kids’ Club’.  A recent inspection reported that: ‘Children are happy and settled. They enter the setting with enthusiasm and engage in play with confidence.’  


Ofsted regulations for Kids’ Club state that if a child is injured during this ‘out of school hours care’ the parent must see and sign the first aid record, even if it is minor.  


Nancy Bury - Kids’ Club Manager

Elvira Cela-Dema - Kids’ Club Play Worker

Prabhuta Raval - Kids' Club Play Worker

Kerry Rowe - Breakfast Club Manager

Fatuma Abdulrazak  - Breakfast Club Worker