Every Monday, KS1 and KS2 children have separate assemblies to discuss the Thought for the Week. This is linked to our Skill of the Month, part of our Enabling Enterprise Education, which will be: teamwork, staying positive, listening carefully, aiming high, sharing ideas, using imagination and problem solving.
We focus on these throughout the year in order to develop children's abilities to become independent and full rounded learners, with the skills to work effectively in a range of situations.
Other assemblies throughout the week also link to the Thought for the Week and the Right of the Month - part of being a Rights Respecting School. Examples of these might be: the right to learn and go to school; the right to be listened to; the right to be looked after and kept safe; and the right to choose your own religion. Rights are explored through assemblies and in classes.
On a Friday, the whole school gathers to celebrate children for special reasons, which may be linked to the Thought for the Week, the Skill of the Month or the Right of the Month. These children are awarded Golden Certificates. As they make their way to the front of the hall, a member of staff announces the reason for the award to the whole school. Sometimes staff are so impressed that they award the whole class a Golden Certificate!
We may also present special certificates to children for sporting events, music exams, debating competitions and much more! Punctuality certificates are also awarded to classes with no late arrivals that week. These classes have the chance to demonstrate how to leave the hall perfectly in silence - even if that means 4 or 5 classes getting up and leaving at the same time!